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Grocery shops

Whether you've just moved to a new area, or want to try something new, finding the best local grocery shops and food shops is really important. Yell can help you find the perfect fit for your taste buds. Whether you want something near your home, near your children's school or near your work; Yell can help you find the right grocery shops and food shops for you.

Choosing my local grocery and food shops

When moving to a new area, one of the first things to do is to find where to do your weekly shop. Most towns and cities will have a mixture of local grocery shops and supermarkets, as well as having specialist food shops. It's common in larger cities like Birmingham, Manchester and London to not just have large supermarkets, but also to have more and more local convenience stores and grocery shops.

If you want a more social or traditional grocery shopping experience, why not try finding grocers in your local town market? These are very popular in larger cities and help you to get to know the local community. Highly popular markets include Leicester market for its grocers , Borough market in London for their delicatessens and cheesemongers, and Norwich market for its fishmongers and butchers. The benefits of shopping at markets means that you can compare a wide variety of locally sourced grocery items, helping you to find the very best food near you .

Grocery FAQs

Where did modern grocery shops come from?

Grocery shops were traditionally an 'over the counter' service where your local grocer would retrieve your requested items from an inventory, weigh them and wrap each item for you. In 1948 the first 'self-service' grocery shop known as' The London Co -Operative 'was opened in the UK; which allowed customers to select pre-packaged items from shelves, to reduce the number of staff required and to increase efficiency after World War II rationing. Since then, convenience stores and supermarkets have become hugely popular and are now the main supplier of groceries for the UK.

What's the difference between supermarkets and local grocery shops?

Supermarkets are shops which sell grocery items, such as fruit and vegetables, and can sell items including household cleaning items, medicine, cosmetics, electronics and entertainment items. These stores may also include petrol stations, click and collect services and home delivery. Local grocery shops primarily sell fruit and vegetables.

What makes a good local grocery shop?

Local grocery shops will stock a variety of items, all of which should be fresh and are likely to be in season. Your local grocer should be able to talk to you about the types of items you want to buy as well as being able to make recommendations of items that would go well with each other. The best local grocery shops are likely to have their own brand of products such as jams and preserves or have great relationships with local farms.

Finding my local grocery store

With Yell you can create a shortlist of the best grocery shops and food shops in your local town or city and compare them using our handy tools. You may be able to message them direct from our website or app, and get an instant reply any time of the day.

Choose from over 40,000 grocery and food retailers around the UK. Below you can click through to refine your search based on your tastes.

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Last Updated: 20 Nov 2019